Die Cut Components

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Our products are used across many industries and our customers have come to rely on our quality and service to meet their demanding requirements. 

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Ultratech Polymers prides itself on excellent customer service, superior quality products, and timely delivery. Our skilled team provides you with a quote within 24 hours and shipment of existing designs within three days.  That means less downtime for you and a peace of mind of working with a reliable supplier.

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Our Product Lines:

Extruded TPEs

  • Various extruded profiles

  • Narrow sheets

  • Tubing

  • Weather stripping

Die Cut Components

  • Gaskets

  • Washers

  • O-rings

  • Adhesives

Air Fresheners

  • Custom extruded linear profiles

  • Automotive vent sticks

  • Commercial fragrance sticks

  • Residential fragrance sticks

Ultrascent Vent Clips Fragrance Stix System Santoprene Profile Extrusions Santoprene Tubing Extruded and Die Cut Gaskets Foam Die Cut Gaskets

Extrusion Services

Clients looking for expertise in profile and small-strip extrusions of flexible polymers (such as thermoplastic elastomers) rely on Ultratech Polymers for quality parts of exceptional value. Our newly developed extrusion process of fragrance containing polymers creates unlimited possibilities for new applications in the automotive, consumer, hospitality, janitorial and other industries.​​​​​​​
Extrusion line
Extruded profiles
Fragrance stix system render

Die Cutting Services

We are also your source for die cut parts. Our niche is in the area of extruding narrow sheets of flexible thermoplastics, and die cutting various shapes out of them. We are able to extrude sheets from 0.010 to 0.50 inches thick. Additionally, we can die cut products from commercially available sheets and films of plastic, rubber, foam, and paper.​​​
Extruded sheet
Die cut foam
Die cut plastic

Contract Packaging Services

Our team combines over 12 years of experience in automated packaging services. Our in-house equipment and expertise allows us to offer cartoning services, blister packaging, high speed horizontal flow wrapping, automated poly bagging, and fulfillment services. Contact us today to learn more about how Ultratech Polymers can help you create the perfect package for your product.
Custom packaging cartons


We are able to offer a wide variety of carton options to fit your products needs. Ranging from plain kraft to fully printed graphics on SBS folding cartons. We also offer Point of Purchase (POP) displays along with graphic designing assistance.

Blister packaging

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging, Blister Packs, or simply blisters, are terms used to describe several types of pre-formed clear plastic cavities typically used for securely packaging small consumer goods. Often these packages will hang on a merchandising wall. The components of a blister pack consist of a cavity made from clear plastic and a paper backing that contains branding graphics. We are experts in the design, graphics, and tooling required to produce an appealing blister package for your retail product.

Flow wrap formed packages

Flow Wrapping

Horizontal flow wrapping is often referred to as fin seal or flow wrapping. This is a high speed packaging process that over wraps a product with films such as PP, PE, PET and creates a "fin" seal at the bottom of the package along with a "crimp" seal at the ends. Film types can be clear, opaque or printed. We are capable of wrapping package sizes ranging from 2" - 20" in length by 1"-6" in width by 0.5" - 3" in height.

Poly bags on a roll

Poly Bagging

Automated bagging is used for commercial, industrial, and retail packaging . The product to be packaged is placed in a PP, PE, or NYLN barrier bag. Bag sealing ranges we offer are from 3" - 20" length to 2" - 10" in width. We can also print your company’s information directly on the bags for great shelf appeal or stock bags are available for a quick and economical alternative.